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Discounts and privileges available:
  • Travel Guard PROMOTION : 25%
  • Student Assist PROMOTION: 15%
  • Motor Insurance 10% Discount
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YOURINSURANCE in collaboration with NUSSU offers personal insurance at special discount to NUS students and staffs.

Travel Insurance
Travel with a peace of mind. Our travel insurance products allow you to travel the world in complete freedom, knowing you have the most comprehensive protection. Be it for a short trip or extended family holiday, single-journey or annual coverage allowing for multiple trips, as a student leaving for higher education overseas -you can choose from our wide range of travel related benefits and services.

Every year, thousands of people travel with the protection and peace of mind

that Travel guard insurance provides. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, Travel Guard is your assurance of 24hours protection worldwide. Opt for Travel Guard and enjoy its special features that make it one of the leading travel insurance products n Singapore.

Student Assist PROMOTION: 15% Discount
Exploring he exciting world of education abroad; your beginning of many hopes, dreams and aspirations. Opt for Student Assist and enjoy these special features that make Student Assist one of the leading student travel product in Singapore.

Motor Insurance
The Extra protection when you need it.

AutoPlanPromotion: 10% Discount
Offers private cars comprehensive coverage with no restrictions on choice of workshop for accident repairs.

AutoPlusPromotion : 10% Discount.
Offers private cars comprehensive coverage and repairs at special authorised workshop.

YOURINSURANCEis brought to you by SP-KatherineSohAgency, a representative of AIA.

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