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ALABAMA -- Am writing you concerning a auto claim. On October 20, 2011 in Atascadero, Ca my 2006 Ford Taurus was struck by a young man who is insured with infinity insurance company. My car was damaged in this accident due to the negligence of their insured who neglected to put his vehicle in park. My vehicle was parked at a gas pump and the insured unattended truck rolled backwards down a hill and smashed into the driver passenger door and quarter panel forcing the passenger rear end into the safety rail surrounding the gas pump causing damages over $10,000.

I have suffered emotionally and financially over this accident. As a result of this accident I have had to make out of pocket expenses for transportation to work as well as school and doctor visit for my daughter. I have had stress related medical issues dealing with this accident and I have had to miss pay from work trying to rectify this matter by following the adjuster advice visiting auto shops to repair this vehicle. Three different auto shops turn me down claiming repairs was too great and would be too costly.

For six weeks their adjuster gave me the run around and made this situation more stressful than needed. I personally feel that I have been victimized by this company and my needs have been ignored. After speaking to a local body shop he also contact the adjuster and informed him that the car was a total loss but the adjuster insist that this vehicle was repairable and then he proceed once again to ignore what needed to be done and prolonging this claim for an additional 2 weeks costing me more money and stress.

After speaking with infinity total loss specialist, I was informed that there was a limit issue with this policy and my total loss could not be covered once again I felt victimized. The adjuster knew there was a limit issue with this policy weeks before I was informed misleading me to believe that I would be reimbursed for transportation expenses. He knew that this policy would not cover the total cost to fix or replace my vehicle but to lead me on a wild goose chase was an intentional perversion of truth. I feel this was a fraudulent act to force me to take an unjust settlement. I do not understand why this company will not cover my total lost.

This company chose to insured an unlicensed driver as a driver who did not have the documentation to prove he knew how to properly operate a vehicle and to insured a vehicle in which he was not the register owner and he had known insurable interest in this vehicle because his name is not on the title or the registration. "Infinity auto's mission statement is to provide premier auto insurance coverage protection for those with a prove record of accident-free driving." This particular individual has never had a driver license issued to him in the united states or mexico.

I have request that infinity settle this claim by certified letter to the president of claims as well as the ceo and in return I received a letter from the total loss specialist that was rude and threatening in the attempt to force me to take the settlement. I received a total loss package that included a local market comparable value report and there was a

monetary difference in their settlement amount compared to the findings of this report. I have tried to negotiate a suitable offer closer to market value which would included damages and financial lost but they refuse to negotiate insisting that I just take the lost..

It has been reported that infinity property and casualty corporation as of the latest year have had $1.1 billion in revenue. The company has a solid financial base, minimal credit risk, and the ability to meet future claims. I am a single mother living like most Americans from check to check and to expect me to assume such a loss will be a burden to me and my family. I am asking for a fair and just settlement that would make me whole as I was on that particular morning.

I am asking that this company assume the financial responsibility for this accident to suggest that I assume this lost would be an act of bad faith in the interest of their injured. I believe me and my family have paid enough emotional, physically and financially.

Do Not Get This Insurance. Worst Service And Everything Else!

I had my Mazda RX-8 parked in a parking lot. Then a Toyota Tundra ran over my front bumper tearing it apart. The driver was insured by Infinity Insurance. First mistake they did was when I specifically told them I had my vehicle towed to a body shop. Assuming they know, the next day the appraiser shows up at the location. So I called Infinity to ask them what happened and they had no explanation. They also asked why did I tow it.... Well my bumper was hanging touching the floor... drivable? Don't think so. Afterwords, the appraiser asked about the aftermarket piece on my vehicle that was damaged.

I had told him that it was an RE-Amemiya lip and canard piece that cost around $1,200 and that I want the very same piece. So he googled it and found some prices around there I guess. Then ** appraised my car and told Infinity that the aftermarket piece was $459.95 and that I lied. So I called the company that he found that very same piece for that price and it was a totally different one! WTF? So I called Infinity and told them about the misunderstanding and they said he's right, the same piece used for $459.95. I had asked for the estimate and it was a totally different part!

I then called Infinity and told them the situation and they "never" called me back as I was told. I'm always calling them and it's annoying because I remember the number and ext. Another thing is I request to speak to Angela ** (the sup. that was handling my claim) and they said "she's unavailable but anyone can speak to you because we work as a "team"."

So I ended up speaking to more than 10 ppl trying to get a supplement of what they owed me which was about $720.25. In the beginning of August, I tried again as though I have been in touch with them ever since December, they told me they are not going to pay for it. I questioned and did fax invoices but nothing. Wasted 8 months of my time and stressed out!

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