Nationwide refuses insurance claim for couple's Moroccan holiday

Two months ago a very good holiday offer popped up on our email – seven days in Marrakesh, flights included, for £319 per person. Having honeymooned in Marrakesh many years ago we decided to take up this offer over our wedding anniversary. We booked the week and paid the full cost, as is required.

The week before our departure my husband’s leg suddenly gave way under him and he fell heavily. As he was in considerable pain we went to our local A&E and spent some hours having X-rays and blood tests and he came home using a Zimmer, still in considerable pain but without any obvious reason for his leg giving way. We saw our GP the next day who also could offer no explanation.

It was obvious that my husband was not sufficiently mobile to be able to travel the following week as planned, and I couldn’t leave him.

My husband’s one-off travel insurance was not due to take effect until the day before travelling so we had no hope of reclaiming his cost that way. However, I currently have an annual travel insurance through Nationwide so I rang it, registered the claim for my lost holiday and they sent me a claim form.

I think it is unlikely that I am going to get anywhere with my claim as it is obvious that the Nationwide process is designed to make it as difficult as possible for people to make claims.

Can you

help get a refund?

PH, Kent

The insurance was free except for a £25 loading cost in respect of your medical history.

When you spoke to Nationwide’s underwriter, UK Insurance, on the telephone, you found it difficult to understand what was being said.

Then a form came for your GP to fill in. This posed many questions, some of which seemed quite intrusive, about your husband’s health. The surgery apparently took a dim view of the form-filling asked for, given the amount of work this would involve.

I spoke to Nationwide, which said that it was reasonable to assume that the heavy fall and leg injury was not a pre-existing condition. It now accepted that a letter from the treating hospital or your GP would be sufficient.

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Nationwide has listened to the call you refer to in your letter. It appreciates that the explanation provided could have been clearer. As the service did not live up to what Nationwide describe as its usual high standards, it is offering you £50 compensation.

You provided the appropriate evidence for the claim. Nationwide has now paid for both holidays. The calculation works out as £319 per person deducting £100 for two excesses and £26 for air passenger tax. So you have £512 and are understandably delighted with this result.

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