Care Home Insurance

Under the business interruption section of our policy we include up to three months business interruption cover following an outbreak of Human Infectious Disease. This covers all infectious diseases, including the likes of MRSA and swine flu and is not restricted to notifiable diseases.

Does my policy include abuse cover?

Yes. The policy does not exclude abuse and will protect you where you are legally liable for allegations made against you for the likes of sexual, mental and physical attacks on residents.

Can I get any assistance with human resource issues such as contracts of employment, policy and procedures or staff handbooks?

As part of the legal expenses cover, you will receive at no extra cost, a care-specific, online human resources management tool. It will give you access to customisable care-specific documentation including: employment contracts, contracts for bank workers, disciplinary procedures, staff handbook, health and safety guides including legal documents and up-to-the minute changes in legislation.

Will legal advice be offered by trained solicitors or barristers, with experience within the Care sector?

Yes, all enquiries are handled by a dedicated team specialising in care. Legal advice is only given by qualified solicitors and barristers and the claims team are all qualified with a

law degree as a minimum.

Are we able to increase our liability indemnity limits to comply with specific Local Authority Contracts?

Yes, we can increase the indemnity limit in respect of public liability to £10 million for a small additional charge.

What is the Stress Helpline and who can use it?

The Stress Helpline is a 24-hour confidential telephone helpline and is available for you or any employee of your business to use.

What is Claims Assist and how can it help us?

Claims Assist, also known as Towergate Assist, is a claims recovery service for material damages claims over £5,000. You will be appointed a chartered loss adjuster to look after your interests and to ensure the entire process is handled quickly, fairly and without unnecessary stress. Importantly, the loss adjuster will be a specialist in the type of loss experienced and will be appointed to work on your behalf, not the insurers.

Is there anyone in your company to help us with registration issues that we may encounter?

We have an independent registration consultant retained solely by us, who can help our clients with any queries they may have. Our legal helpline can also assist you in keeping your business operational.

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