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the personal lines positions were transferred out of state when USI was purchased from Wells Fargo Insurance.I worked as customer service rep that included customer relations, retention, processing changes & problem solving.have experience in training in change of computer systems that occurred within a two year period when agency was sold from Wells Fargo to USII have 31yrs experience in personal lines customer service.prior employers: BB&T (formally Old Colony)

Kiely Hines & Associates from


long term employee's, coworkers, benefits, bonuses


no advanced postions/promotions

Was not given direction of how things should have been done properly. Did the work I was given, worked overtime, but when I could know longer do overtime then management was not happy with that, so I got another job.

Organization seemed chaotic. High employee turnover. Not well organized. Not proper process for storing employer files and important benefits data. No support from senior management.

I do not enjoy the hours of available schedules.
Co workers are friendly. No raises ever. Only select few will be considered for promotions.


Benefits, good pay for seasoned sales reps


work/life balance schedules are horrible

Very controlling, system driven company modeled for young producers without experience. Sort of like sales kindergarten. Is being ficed up to be closed or sold, cant compete with MMA.


top down management approach, outdated systems and management by fear within management.

There was a lot of things thrown at myself and other employees that we should not have been involved in at all. Everything was about who you sucked up to, and how well you could play the game. Management was hard to get a hold of for work related issues, and meetings were constantly cancelled. However, if there was a gossiping issue about management there would be an emergency meeting pulled. The people are great at USI, but there are serious issues that need to be handled at the management level.

Productive environment with great team members to help you grow. Good work place environment; Controller is extremely knowledgeable and encouraging.

On a daily basis I manage a block of business which involves communicating, explaining and assisting with various benefit questions, enrollments, claims and industry trends. My day consists of timely customer service as well as the ability to communicate in a written format. I also project manage a clients renewal from the point of marketing through implementation.

I learned what I want to do and what I don't want to do. It was a great learning experience for me.

USI is a growing company with a lot of growing pains. It is working them out as fast as they can, but are acquiring business as fast as they can.

Working at USI was enjoyable. A typical day at work was calling insures about there up coming renewals. Making sure to answer all questions that the insured had about there renewal. Completing Certificates of Insurance, assisting with the Acct Exes, answering in coming calls within 30 seconds, forwarding calls to the proper parties, doing endorsements in a timely manner.

The work is very demanding but I love making my clients happy so it balances out. There are not many opportunities for advancement, but with my career path I was able to move up several times. That is not the case for everyone. You are stuck at your desk for most of the day and it's not a very family friendly environment. If your lifestyle allows and you can work your shift and then go home and work some more then this is the place for

you. We do have flex time; i.e, not everyone has to come in at 8am and leave at 5pm. You can come in at 7am and leave at 4 or 9am to 5:30. Huge work perk. Also, there is a big focus on fitness, so we have walking, workout and running groups which is nice


Focus on fitness, vacation, coworkers

They expect you to work more than what you are scheduled. They give some people way more work than a single person can handle and others next to nothing. Most of the employees are snobs. They DO NOT give raises. Their idea of a raise is promoting you to a different job position but only after you have been there a year. You only get a total of 18 PTO days (that's vacation & sick leave).


1 hour lunch; lunchroom provides free water, coffee, tea, ice.

USI Insurance Services was a great place to work. It was located in a small office so there were not many employees. Everyone worked together and made it a peaceful place to work. I was support staff so I handled the incoming and outgoing mail, made the daily orders of office supplies, and maintained the office equipment. I would also stand in for the front desk secretary to relieve for breaks where I operated the switchboard and filtered calls.


peaceful work environment, great people to work with

I enjoyed working there, but I was training to get my Property and Casualty Insurance License and there was no follow up and then my department downsized and 12 positions were laid off.

Was a good job and friendly co workers. Learned different computer systems. Had training seminars. Hardest part of the job was the call loop as I feel you could not give enough time to the clients. The enjoyable part of the job is when you have a happy client and met their needs.


benefits, celebrations, holidays


call loop job insecurtity

I started with USI in September 2002 in the Commercial Dept working with small commercial policies. I was asked to transfer to the Personal Lines Dept when the agent in the deparrtment wanted to work part-time. My agency was purchased by Brown & Brown in December 2004.

Upper Management are a great group of professional people!The Staff are really good people to work around,The work load is incredable do to constant take overs.

I would recomend this as one of the better places to work in this area.


good parking, coffee, all around good atmosphere


new young supervisors with little experiance

Working for USI was a terrible move on my behalf. I left my previous employer for more money, and in hopes for career advancement. USI and I was not a good fit. I enjoy insurance and helping my clients become whole after a loss. The best part about insurance is that I'm busy all day long helping the people who pay for my service.

Smart, professional and approachable human resource team. They are dedicated to their groups and helping new team members learn and succeed. Corporate employees tend to stay for a while. It's not a rotating door culture. I had a great experience there.

I was hired in December of 2008 and in Feburary of 2009 I was let go because they didn't have enough money in the budget for my position. I honestly don't have anything positive to say about this company because they do not provide employees with job security.


Every Friday you worked until 1:30pm

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