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Cheap cat insurance quotes - Save 55%.

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Cat Insurance from E&L® provides cheap comprehensive cat insurance with a range of competitively priced plans and excellent levels of cover for pedigree and non pedigree cats.

We have three levels of cat insurance cover to choose from, details can be found in our cat insurance policy information section. Whichever level of cat cover you choose you will benefit from essential vets fees protection.

So if your cat is taken ill or involved in an accident then you don't have to worry. We provide up to £6,000 of vets fees cover should you decide on us to take care of your pet cat insurance needs. We will also help with the cost to cover advertising and a reward should your cat become lost or stolen and a whole lot more. To find out more about our cat insurance plans please take a look at our cat insurance FAQs which answers many of the commonly asked queries we receive. For more general information on all things cat why not take a look at our helpful cat tips and advice section.

When you get a cat insurance quote from us you will receive a 45% online discount and if you are looking to insure more than one cat you will also benefit from an additional 10% discount per cat.

Cat Insurance cover options, three levels of cover to choose from:

  • Silver cat insurance - vet's fees up to £4,000
  • Gold cat insurance - vet's fees up to £5,000
  • Diamond cat insurance - vet's fees up to £6,000

Pet cat insurance cover also includes: -

  • Cattery fees to cover the cost of boarding, personal accident, loss by theft or straying, accidental damage and more
  • Cheap cat insurance premiums with up to 45% introductory online premium discount
  • 10% multi cat discount when insuring more than one cat

So why not get a cheap pet cat insurance quote online today, plans start from as low as £4.82 per month. Buy comprehensive cat insuranceonline today and save 45%.

The following cover benefits are for dogs and cats aged under 8 years, for older pets please see our Senior Pet Insurance


  Silver Gold Diamond
Monthly1 Yearly Monthly1 Yearly Monthly1 Yearly
Vet's Fees

Due to accident or illness including hospitalisation, physiotherapy, certain prescription diets, treatment and referral. No cover for disease or illness showing clinical signs within 14 days of policy inception.

£1,000 limit per condition
£1,000 limit per condition
£5,000 £4,500 £6,000 £5,500
Death of Pet

Due to accident or illness. We can pay up to the price paid or market value whichever is less. No cover for disease or illness showing clinical signs within 14 days of policy inception.

£750 £500 £1,000 £750 £1,500 £1,250
Boarding Kennel/Cattery Fees

If you are in hospital for more than 3 days we can cover the cost of boarding.

£750 £500 £1,000 £750 £1,500 £1,250
Holiday Cancellation

Due to emergency surgery on your pet within 14 days of departure.

£1,000 £750 £1,500 £1,250 £2,500 £2,000
Advertising and Reward

If your pet goes missing, you may want to advertise and give a reward.

£600 £450 £800 £650 £1,000 £750
Loss by Theft or Straying

We pay you up to the price you paid or the market value, whichever is less.

£750 £500 £1,000 £750 £1,500 £1,250
Accidental Damage

Accidental damage to a third party's property.

£500 £250 £750 £500 £1,000 £750
Burglar Reward

If your dog catches an intruder in your home.

£500 £250 £750 £500 £1,000 £750
Transport Costs

If your vet refers you to another practice or veterinary school.

£150 £100 £200 £150 £250 £200
Personal Accident

If you have to take time off work after being bitten by your pet.

£150 £100 £200 £150 £250 £200

Area Classification

  • Area A: All counties other than those in Area B or Area C
  • Area B: Berkshire, Essex, Sussex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex and Surrey
  • Area C: London


The excess is the amount you pay towards a claim. It is from £65–£169 (dependent on the area of the country, breed of pet and the plan type you have chosen) except Public Liability claims where the excess is £260. Claims over £1,000 in value are subject to a double excess.

1. Lunar monthly policy (more information)

The following discounts are available on E&L® Cat Insurance:

  • 45% online discount
  • 10% multi pet discount

The total maximum discount per policy is 55%.

Introductory discounts provided only apply to new policies taken out online.

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