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We call our used car values honest used car prices, as that’s exactly what they are.

Our used car values are so open and transparent that we will even show you the cars that we based our research on: high mileage cars, low mileage cars and everything in between. If you have ever scoured the classified sites and worked out what to pay by comparing similar models, you will love our used car pricing - and understand how it works.

That is exactly what we do - but on an epic scale: trawl adverts, compare prices and add a dose of market knowledge. We scour millions of classified adverts, compare values and apply a healthy dose

of market expertise and analysis to show you what the market thinks your car is worth.

Our honest used car pricing is a little bit different to all the others. You can get to our values through make or model - you don’t have to follow a prescribed route. Plus, it’s live, which means we can react to changes in the market quicker than any printed price guide.

The more adverts we see, the more confident we are in our valuations. We trawl thousands of classified adverts every day to make sure that our pricing is as up-to-date and as accurate as we can make it.

No guesswork, no bias and not a single finger in the air. Just honest used car prices.

Most are between
£8,821 and £14,702

We see cars like this for sale
80 times a day

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