Where Can I Find a Texas General Lines Health and Life Insurance Practice Test?

Anyone who wishes to sell, procure or craft insurance policies within the state of Texas must take and pass the Texas General Lines Life, Accident and Health Insurance Exam. Like the other state exams that regulate the pool of insurance professionals within their respective jurisdictions, the Texas General Lines exam is a rigorous tool that's designed to prepare prospective insurance workers for the demands of the profession. Every year, it's taken by thousands of intelligent Texans. Although the bulk of these exam-takers pass their exams, this is largely due to the fact that they have ample exam-preparation materials and courses at their disposal.

If you're planning on taking the Texas General Lines Life, Accident and Health Insurance Exam in the near future, you'll need to spend weeks preparing for it. Since taking the exam may cost well over $100 and require an overnight stay in a faraway city, it's in your interest to pass it on your first attempt. Although you'll be permitted to return for a second and third attempt, statistics have shown that passage rates decrease with each subsequent attempt. In addition, you'll have to deal with the added inconvenience and expense associated with retaking the exam.

Fortunately, the Texas Department

of Insurance offers a comprehensive array of resources designed to help you prepare for your exam. Since the department outsources the administration of all insurance-related exams to a third-party company known as PearsonVUE, you'll need to contact this outfit directly to procure practice tests and other study materials. The company can be reached online at or by e-mail at [email protected] PearsonVUE also maintains a toll-free hotline at (888) 754-7667.

You may be able to find practice tests and study guides in various other locations. Unfortunately, most of these resources are fairly expensive. Test-preparation classes typically cost $200 while study textbooks filled with practice examinations may each cost $50 or more.

It's important to note that passing the Texas General Lines Exam doesn't automatically entitle you to sell insurance in Texas. You'll also need to follow a licensing procedure and obtain your insurance license within a year of passing the exam. As time goes on, you'll need to renew this license periodically. If you move to another state, you may need to transfer this license in accordance with the regulations of your new jurisdiction. Unfortunately, this transfer may require you to pass a new test similar to the Texas General Lines Exam.

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