I hate Coventry one health insurance

With my experience of them I absolutely cannot recommend them I have never experienced such a unorganized joke of a company that clearly the higher ups make a game out "saving money" by capitalizing on the smallest mistakes made at customers lower points. I was in fact late on a payment but situation was corrected on on the fifth day past due date but after 5 long painful painful unpleasant hours on the phone its day # 27 ive spent over $500 on important medication out of my...pocket that should cost me $55-60 im still no closer to getting my coverage back then I was back then. Im now being told that because i made my payment on the 31 (which is the due dat of comming monthes insurance) my flag is because I just made the payment (which is the due date) and im now waiting for a 3-5 business days to allow to process and another 5-7 days for flag to be removed which is b.s. that would make roughly 1 1/2 monthes of "coverage" but no actual coverage and I will be reimbursed in a time span of 1-3 months so by the time I get paid back for my cover I will have roughly $1250 out of my pocket in meds in addition to premiums I paid. Every csr tells me a different reason for my flag and different time frames it will be gone. The manager I spoke with sounded literally like she got pleasure from my pain the more agony in my voice seemed to make her more cheerfully say how she wasn't gonna

do "nothin bout it you was late on a payment." I filed several complaints on manager. Im contacting insurance commission about there practises, and my mother knows many reporters and journalists who even if they didnt agree with me they would still do a story with me. I promised a poor lady csr (who caught me at height of exasperation) that you wanna keep playing games I will play back (not that realistically I have the financial means to do so) and she was just an innocent lady who really had no power in matter it was all make rules as you go upper management and I was going off on the messenger. I 150% in no way shape or form recommend any portion of this company. These are my opinions for sake of any legal recourse for slander, this is my recollection of the events that have taken place since early july to beginning of August. I in no way shape or form am part of any insurance company. My belief is that word spreads and I try my hardest to keep my word which if i promise anything I will do everything in my power to do, anyone in the world can ask my daughter what happens your daddy makes a promis and her reply is and will always be "he will work 24 hours a day to make sure it happens". Look at the time its about midnight I dont have to work tomorrow im gonna play on the computer for a while and see if I can achieve some goals. Karmas a bitch.

Tumingin Pa

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