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Business Van Insurance

So how do you pick the right business van insurance policy for your needs, and what should you know before you start looking? Rules have been set down which make this cover essential. The Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) policy makes it against the law for registered vehicle keepers to be without insurance, and this applies even if the van isn’t going on the road. It could be parked in your yard gathering dust, but no matter – it still needs van insurance. So to make sure your business vehicles are legal, you need to get this cover in place.

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Commercial Insurance Options

Commercial auto insurance is a little different from passenger auto insurance but it's just as easy for us. We can protect your wallet, your fleet of commercial vehicles, and the sustainability of your business in as little as ten minutes with free quotes on commercial auto insurance from many fine auto insurance providers. An insurance policy for your commercial vehicles must meet higher  liability limits.   These limits are known as commercial liability limits. We sell commercial auto insurance that provides up to  $1,000,000  in liability coverage for both  bodily injuries  and  property damage.

Category: Business Insurance

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