Colorado Commercial Insurance Coverage

Finding the appropriate commercial insurance for your business needs can seem complicated. In Castle Rock and Highland Ranch, it is best to obtain coverage with the help of an independent agency like Trailstone Insurance Group to find the right plan for the needs of the company. An independent agency in Parker, Colorado can provide details about the different options that are available and advice about the best plan for the needs of a specific business.

Colorado Commercial Auto Insurance

When employees in a business are required to operate a motor vehicle, it is important to obtain commercial auto coverage. Unlike a personal policy, commercial coverage helps protect the company from liability concerns when an employee gets into an accident. It also ensures that every employee is properly protected when traveling for work.

Colorado Liability Insurance for Commercial Companies (CGL)

Liability protection, or CGL in the state of Colorado, is an essential part of protecting a business. Liability protection ensures that a business will not face a financial strain if a client or passerby gets hurt on company property. It also protects against faulty products or other problems that may lead to injuries or recalls.

Colorado Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property coverage may or may not be necessary, depending on whether the company owns property or not. The coverage is designed to

address concerns about property damage. It protects against theft, vandalism or general damage from employee mistakes or accidents.

Colorado Workers Compensation

Workers compensation is an essential part of protecting employees and the company. The insurance helps pay for any injuries that an employee may receive while he or she is at work. Beyond medical expenses, it can also help pay for employee living expenses for a set amount of time while he or she is recovering from an injury that occurred on the job.

Colorado Business Package for Company Owners (BOP)

Business owners have a package option available, called a BOP, which is a general insurance option that company owners can consider before purchasing other forms of protection. It provides coverage for a few basic concerns, such as liability and property protection. Although it does provide some coverage for business property and basic liability, it may not be enough for every company. It is a good basic plan for general requirements if affordability is a concern.

Investing in insurance is a smart move for Colorado business owners. It helps protect the company from unexpected financial strains and ensures that any potential problem is covered. By working with an independent agency, it is possible to identify the best program for the company and find an appropriate option within a strict budget.

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