As with traditional motor insurance, you answer lots of questions that enable us to calculate an annual premium based on the answers you have provided.

Autosaint works exactly the same way. The difference is that we install an Autosaint Box (Telematic Device) into your car that provides us with information on how you are driving. This will allow you and Autosaint to monitor how well you are driving during the term of your insurance.

Unlike other companies who offer a similar type of insurance policy, we won’t charge you each and every time you do something wrong from the day you take out your policy.

Autosaint offer a range of policies to suit your needs, a call to one of our advisors will help give you all the information you need to choose a policy thats best for you.

Our philosophy is that we want to help you become a great driver and to help you do this, we will review your driving behaviour regularly.

Based on the answers you provide, we will offer you a very competitive premium. Insurance

is all about risk - in simple terms, are you likely to claim or not based on the information provided?

Unfortunately, young drivers get a bad deal as the statistics suggest that young drivers are more likely to have an accident than more experienced, older drivers.

Autosaint wants to help young drivers. By installing an Autosaint Box in your car, we can see how well you are driving. We will offer you a fantastic price when you take out your insurance, and assuming you drive well, this price will remain the same for the whole year.

Statistics suggest that people who drive regularly late at night time are more likely to have an accident than those who don’t. Driving at night may affect your score with some insurers.

Please call us to discuss the options available to you.

Between 11.00pm and 05.00am.

No. We are happy to provide you with the same rate of insurance while you’re waiting for it to be fitted subject to the box being fitted during the 14 day period from the start of your policy.

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