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I don't agree that there are no upsides to this position, like so many others have posted. You have the ability (at least as an agent) to earn uncapped income if you can successfully grow your store and book of business. The downside to that is, if management doesn't like you, they can reassign you to another smaller store and call it a demotion or even worse, just fire you. The culture of this business leaves much to be desired, but if you can weather it all, they do pay pretty well, which is how they justify how poorly agents are treated. This is a high pressure and stressful job and not for someone who is only willing to do the bare minimum. Be prepared to put out 250 sticky notes on people's cars, and 300 tear sheets a week (which your must hand stamp and cut yourself) . Plus make face to face meetings with local auto dealers, insurance offices, and businesses. I want to stay (mainly because I have not been able to find comparable pay thru any other means of employment), but this company seriously needs

to improve their culture. Constantly provoked employees do not work well and changing expectations midstream constantly while making us work under 40 hours, no overtime, extending work hours til 7 pm Friday nights and opening an hour earlier on Saturdays, and placing mandatory job requirements, all while reassigning your CSR to cover another store is assinine. I don't know how to meet all these expectations and make them balance and I have three years of practice. I feel like I'm being set up to fail. The gotcha tactics and fear and intimidation style  more...of management has got to stop. They aren't motivating anyone like that. If they think making us scared for our jobs is going to create the profit this company do desperately seeks and needs, they should try a different approach, like building us up, encouraging and motivating us to be better versions of ourselves. Stop looking for somewhere to pull the rug out from under us. Positive mental attitude is impossible if you constantly feel oppressed.   less


Competitive compensation


Pto blackouts, retaliation from management, constantly changing policies, short staffing, long hours, stressful unrealistic expectations

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