Breakdown cover

We're the UK's largest breakdown organisation – which means we fix more breakdowns at the roadside than anyone else.

There's no charge for labour at the roadside, and more than 95% of our breakdown cover reviews recommend us.

You can also enjoy exclusive Member benefits when you join the AA – which could save you more than the cost of your membership.

What makes our breakdown service so reliable?

We rescue someone every 9 seconds, and fix 4 out of 5 cars at the roadside – with repairs taking less than 30 minutes on average.

And we've been awarded 5 stars by independent research company Defaqto, for our comprehensive features and benefits.

Will you come out if I'm the passenger?

Of course. If you've got cover for you, we'll come to your rescue to fix any vehicle you're travelling in – whether as the driver, or as a passenger.

If you have vehicle cover, you're covered as the driver or passenger in the vehicle that's registered with us.

Will you charge me for call-outs?

With AA Breakdown Cover, you can call us out as many times as you need to without being charged. Basic Breakdown Cover, however, has a limit of one call-out.

Repeat call-outs for the same fault will not be covered.

How quickly can you reach me?

We've got the latest satellite technology to help find the shortest route to you – on average, we arrive within 45 minutes – and we give priority to people in vulnerable situations.

If you download our app, we'll get to you even faster – and you don't even have to call us. Just click to report your breakdown – we'll locate you by using your mobile phone's GPS signal.

Are there any restrictions on the vehicles you cover?

We can cover your vehicle as long as it's less than 3.5 tonnes (3,500kg) and no wider than 7ft 6in (2.3m). This applies to any caravans and trailers that are on tow as well.

This means that if you break down, we'll be able to recover your vehicle, if necessary.

We'll cover vehicles of any age or mileage. However, if they're used for reward – such as taxis, limos or delivery vehicles – we can't offer the optional Parts and Garage Cover.

Is my pet covered if I break down?

We do our best to accommodate pets wherever possible. If we can't transport your pet, we'll do what we can to help with alternative arrangements for them.

We recommend that you use suitable pet travel carriers, or restraints that are transferable – this helps to ensure that we can transport your pet safely.

Will family cover still apply to students away from home?

Yes – if you have drivers in your household living away from home at university or a temporary address in the UK, they're still covered if you have family cover.

Will my UK cover work in the Republic of Ireland?

The Republic of Ireland isn't covered under UK membership. However, we do have an arrangement with AA Ireland that means they'll provide you with an equivalent level of service if you break down there (apart from Parts and Garage Cover, which won't apply).

If you'd like additional cover while travelling to the Republic of Ireland, our European breakdown cover can offer alternative travel and accommodation costs, legal protection and more.

Can I buy cover if I've already broken down?

Yes, if you're currently broken down and not a Member, you can call our emergency lines 24/7, on 0800 88 77 66, to arrange cover and assistance.

Additional charges will apply if you don't already have cover when you break down.

How soon will I be covered if I buy online?

Your Roadside Assistance begins immediately after your online application has been successfully processed – we'll email you confirmation of your cover.

You'll receive your documents and membership card(s) through

the post within 28 days.

If you've chosen At Home, National Recovery and Onward Travel, these will start 24 hours after your membership begins. Parts and Garage Cover begins 14 days after your cover has started.

How can I pay?

You can choose from 3 types of payment – annually by card or Direct Debit, or monthly by Direct Debit. 

There's a cooling-off period of 14 days from the date you receive your cover documentation or your cover starts (whichever is later).

If you pay monthly, you'll pay an initial deposit by card before we set up a monthly Direct Debit from your bank account. Your first Direct Debit payment will be taken in two weeks' time. Y our membership will then renew on a monthly basis and your account will be debited each month. This gives you the convenience of paying per month, together with the flexibility of being able to cancel your cover at any time – just give us 30 days' notice.

  If you pay annually, you'll pay up front for a fixed 12-month policy and the overall price for a year will be lower than 12 monthly payments. There's no refund if you cancel after your cooling-off period though.

We only offer continuous payment options online, as this is the easiest way to arrange cover. However, if you'd prefer to make a one-off payment for one year of cover only, just call us on 0800 085 2721.

Is my online payment secure?

Yes – we use the highest form of encryption that's generally available, to make sure your payment is safe.

Our secure-server software scrambles all the details you enter before they are sent, so that only we can understand them.

Can I change my level of cover after I've bought it?

We'll write to you well in advance of your renewal, but if you'd like to talk to someone about renewing or changing your cover now, just call us on 0343 316 4444.

Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 9am to 5pm.

Can I buy breakdown cover for someone else?

If you want to arrange personal cover for someone else, please call us on 0800 085 2721. However, if you just want to cover a specific vehicle you can buy vehicle cover online.

You can also buy breakdown cover gift membership if you'd like to buy cover as a present for someone else.

What should I do if I buy a new vehicle?

Let us know as soon as you can. We’ll need to update your Membership details accordingly – and remember, the new vehicle also has to be eligible for cover (terms and conditions apply). Once you've told us, the updated cover will then be ready to use 24 hours.

I'm a Blue Badge holder – how can I register my needs and get more information?

Our Disability Helpline is free to Members and provides information about helping you drive in the UK and overseas. You can register your special requirements, which will help us tailor our breakdown services to you.

For instance, if you're a wheelchair user with Roadside Assistance plus National Recovery, you might need our Onward Mobility Network of accessible vehicles. You'll be able to travel in comfort and safety if we're taking your vehicle home.

Just call our free helpline on 0800 26 20 50.

If you need information in large print, audio or Braille, just ask – you can email our customer services team at, or let us know when you call our helpline.

If you’ve broken down, you can text us on
07860 027 999

To use the Next Generation Texting Service (NGTS – formerly known as Text Relay), just prefix any of our numbers with 18001.

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