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Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to get my advice in detail out there to everyone who was confused. Hopefully it makes someone else’s life easier.

I am from the U.S., but live in Australia now. I've been struggling figuring out the car rental insurance thing myself for when I go back and visit. I had always been covered by my own auto policy or US credit card policies. But now, its not the case. The number of headaches I've had from reading polices and explanations.

I finally booked via a US travel site, that also caters to overseas customers.

I used

A word of warning (I know this is complicated). When booking, use the booking box in the upper left hand corner with the with bullet point that says Cars under the words "Start Your Holiday Here". It will ask you your country of residence. Do NOT click on the tab at the top of the page that says CARS. Although its still their website, it actually books through a company called CarTrawler. If you Google them, the number of reviews about them will explain it all.

When the results come up:

1) Click on "More information" on the car you are interested in.

2) There will be a list of optional rentals for many agencies. Some Inclusive, some Exclusive of coverage’s. In the example below, I chose their "Top 4" package. They have 7 different packages that cover various levels of insurance and options.


I chose a Fox Rent A Car option. I've rented through Fox directly many times. They have mixed reviews, but most of the negative reviews are from people who don’t read the terms and conditions, or try to rent with debit cards. I've always had clean, low mileage cars. I'm an experienced traveller though, and am not easily convinced on up-sells, so I'm not pushed around easily....

Here is how the prices worked out and compared... (All prices are USD).

A 3 day rental of an Intermediate SUV (Jeep Liberty) from SFO (San Francisco International):

- Direct from Fox's website (No insurance, unlimited mileage only)- $388.26 ($129.42/day). Sufficient insurance would have cost an extra $20.00 per day, and not even cover you very well. A GPS would be 10.00 a day, etc....

- - same car, same rental period $183.87 TOTAL FOR ALL 3 days including: 2nd driver, GPS Navigation System, LDW, Renters Liability Protection, Supplemental Liability Insurance, All Taxes and Fees, and an Underage Driver fee (which we didnt need, but was included). That's $61.29 per day all-inclusive.

I don't work for a car rental, a web site, or a travel agency. This is just my experience, and the result of hours and hours of website surfing, reading, and eye strain.

That being said, I'm always on the hunt for a better deal, so my next step is to look at some of the suggested rental sites others have posted. A dollar saved is a dollar I can justify spending on a nice degustation dinner somewhere.

I hope this helps. Happy Travels.

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