1. UpdatedIf you need to change your cover levels or personal details (address, occupation etc) it's best to give us a call on 0800 731 4670.   If this doesn't answer your question then please check... 06/02/2017
  2. UpdatedUnfortunately we can't provide proof of No Claims Discount if it's being used on a policy that is still current. If you need proof of no claims discount for another insurer, we will provide... 06/02/2017
  3. UpdatedIf you do not want your insurance policy to automatically renew, you'll need to contact us before your policy renewal date. If this doesn't answer your question then please check related answers... 06/02/2017
  4. UpdatedIf your policy is claim free you can cancel your cover at any time and you may be entitled to a refund of the unused portion of premium. However, if you cancel before the end of the policy... 06/02/2017
  5. UpdatedFees are charged to cover the costs involved in setting up, servicing and cancelling policies.  Your insurer may also charge an additional premium if you make any changes to... 06/02/2017
  6. UpdatedIf you have been asked to provide

    documents such as your No Claims Discount, you have 10 days to provide this. If we do not receive it your policy could be cancelled.  By email : This is the... 06/02/2017

  7. UpdatedWe charge fees to cover the costs of setting up, servicing and cancelling policies.  This allows us to maintain high levels of service whilst we continue to invest in solutions to improve... 06/02/2017
  8. UpdatedDepending on your age and details, many of our policies will cover you to drive any other insured vehicle, not belonging to yourself on a Third-Party Only basis. To check if you're covered for this... 06/02/2017
  9. UpdatedIn order to obtain your No Claims Discount (also known as NCB or NCD), we may ask you for proof. This needs to be a copy of a renewal invitation, cancellation notice, or letter from your... 06/02/2017
  10. UpdatedIf you have a claim on your policy where you were at fault or we were unable to recuperate all costs from another party and your policy is due for renewal, your No Claims Discount (NCD or NCB) will... 06/02/2017

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