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If your car has been impounded, no matter the reason, it can be difficult to get comprehensive cover to get it out and get you back on the road. By searching our panel of specialist insurers, we can offer you our best priced impounded car insurance cover to suit your circumstances.

What is impounded car Insurance?

Impounded car insurance is required if your car is seized, and you require evidence of insurance, in order to release it.

Having your car impounded can be an extremely stressful and worrying time, and we understand that finding an insurance company to cover you when your car is impounded can be difficult. So let Insurance Choice take the stress out of your impound car insurance and make the load that little bit lighter.

We can arrange you cover for 30 days, allowing you to release your car and covering you on the road for one month.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do

the Police seize vehicles?

The Police seize vehicles to try and clamp down on Uninsured cars on the road.  The Police usually run various Operations throughout the Year where they Target Un-Insured drivers whilst either driving around on patrol or sitting parked somewhere and using specialist computers to log Reg numbers into a Database to see the current status of car.  You can also get your car seized for a number of other reasons including Invalid or Revoked driving Licences.
Why can’t I use standard insurance to collect my impounded car? Most insurer’s WILL NOT Insure you to get your car out of the Impound.  This is because there are specialist policies on the market to allow the release of a motor vehicle at competitive prices.  We offer a 30 day policy or a 365 day policy that will allow the release of your car.
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