Meerkat Movies trick: £2ish gets 2for1 films for a year

Those darling TV meerkats (or annoying little pests depending on your view) have a deal where, if you buy via their site, you get 2for1 cinema tickets on Tuesdays or Wednesdays FOR A YEAR. And we’ve a trick for you to get it for £2ish…

Update Tue 7 Feb 2017: It’s near two years since we found this ‘simples’ loophole, and we’ve been swamped with MoneySavers’ successes. We’ve had it confirmed the 2for1’s valid on Valentine’s Day and includes the blockbusters 50 Shades Darker and Trainspotting, plus many who did it early now need to renew – so we’ve updated all the info and successes below.

“I go most weeks and wouldn’t be able to afford to otherwise. Saved about £570 so far.” – @ruthjaneh via Twitter

“Thanks, I’ll be saving over £400 a year for a cost of £3.” – @pinksuziq72 via Twitter

“Amazing! I paid £2.03 and it takes about two days to work.” – Fiona via Facebook 

I’m new to this – what’s the trick?

Compare The Market won’t always be the cheapest place to get your insurance or energy, and certainly just using it in isolation is rarely a winner (see our Cheap Car Insurance, Cheap Home Insurance and Cheap Travel Insurance guides).

So, the question we posed ourselves was: what’s the cheapest possible thing you can sign up for in order to qualify for Meerkat Movies?

Its terms and conditions state…

“5. Qualifying Purchase

(a) Meerkat Movies is available to those who:

(i) Purchased: car insurance, motorcycle insurance, van insurance, contents and/or buildings insurance, pet insurance, life insurance, landlord insurance or travel insurance;

(ii) Switched: domestic energy (gas and/or electric), broadband, home telephone or digital TV;

(iii) Obtained: a credit card or loan, mobile phone or SIM only contract through”

Car and home insurance were far too pricey – other offers have better rewards and cashback elsewhere. So we homed in on travel insurance. Remember, we’re not necessarily encouraging you to use these policies (they may not provide the cover you need), this is just about getting 2for1 cinema tickets by paying as little as possible.

So, one day’s UK cover for one person would do the job. Do a quick search on Compare The Market for a single-trip travel insurance policy.

These are five of the cheapest picks we found when we last checked on Tue 7 Feb 2017:

  • £1.94 – Top Dog Insurance ‘Economy’ (6 Apr– 7 Apr)
  • £2 – ERV ‘Lite’ (6 Apr– 7 Apr)
  • £2.18 – ERV ‘Essential’ (6 Apr– 7 Apr)
  • £2.18 – All Safe Insurance ‘Standard’ (6 Apr– 7 Apr)
  • £2.29 – Fit2Travel ‘Silver’ (6 Apr– 7 Apr)
  • £2.32 – Post Office ‘Classic (6 Apr– 7 Apr)

At these prices, the insurance is far cheaper than a second cinema ticket (usually £5-£12 depending on the cinema), so in most cases it’ll save you money even if you only use it once. And these are the cheapest we found when we looked, but some MoneySavers have got insurance for as cheap as £1.37!

Let us know how you get on in our Meerkat Movies thread in the forum.

I did it before – how do I renew?

Meerkat Movies is a 2for1-for-a-year, and you’ll need to reactivate it after 12 months. If you’ve already been using Meerkat Movies, log in via its smartphone app or website to see how long you’ve got left. When

it runs out, you can opt to get it back by repeating our trick.

Do bear in mind that Meerkat Movies runs for 12 months from the date you make a purchase via its comparison site, and you can only have one membership active at once. This means that on subsequent purchases you may not get a full year’s 2for1.

For example, if you make a purchase in May, your 2for1 will end next May. But if during the year, let’s say in August, you use Compare The Market again to make a second purchase, you can’t activate the new 2for1 until May when the first one ends. Yet the second expires in August regardless, so you’ll only get the few remaining months.

Will it last?

There’s always a chance it’ll close the loophole, and its terms state it “reserves the right” to “amend” or “withdraw” the offer at any time. Though if it does, it’ll likely keep it alive for those who have it – just stop it for new people.

Yet if it was going to be pulled, it probably would’ve been pulled by now.

MSE founder Martin Lewis:

“This has now been going for well over a year and there’s no sign of it being pulled. Though people do keep tweeting me and telling me ‘it’s gone’ – usually they’ve checked the terms of one of its other promos by mistake, and these often don’t include travel insurance.

“Of course, never say never, but I strongly suspect the firm has no problem with the fact we’re talking about this trick.  After all, I’ve gone large on it on my TV show and elsewhere, and this blog appears high up in Google searches – so it’s definitely aware of what we’re saying.

“Ultimately, this deal is part of its marketing budget, and insurance comparison competition is all about making a noise. Compare The Market very much prefers to compete in the branding arena rather than getting involved in price discounting, so the fact it gets traffic and chatter – even if people are manipulating the deal – raises further awareness of its site and keeps its brand prominent.”

1. After making a qualifying purchase at Compare the Market (see the full list), download the Meerkat Movies app or log in via its website to activate your membership. Your 12 months’ 2for1 starts from the date you made the purchase.

2. Activation can take  at least 48 hours . Unfortunately, you can’t have the freebie Meerkat toy as well – though occasionally there are special promotions where youwillget both a 2for1 and a toy.

3. Claim your voucher code online or via the app when you want to see a film (as regularly as once a week).

4. Print it or show it on your smartphone at a participating cinema.

Generally, your 2for1 will be valid every Tue/Wed at all the big chains (eg, Odeon, Vue, Cineworld, Showcase), plus many independent cinemas as well, though some cinemas may have their own rules on how you can use it and which films, if any, are excluded. If you’re unsure, please check with your local cinema before buying.

Note: You can claim your 2for1 every week, but onlyonceeither on the Tuesday or the Wednesday. For more info, see Meerkat Movies.

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