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Here at Insure365 we have many years of experience in helping people like you: those with a less than perfect driving history. We specialise in providing cover for drivers with drink driving convictions (DR10) who find it difficult to get reasonably priced cover elsewhere.

We really can help you get back on the road with our cheap drink driver insurance policies.

Car insurance for drink drivers is hard to find no matter what your driving history is like but when anything appears on your record it is impossible to hide it.Unfortunately it often becomes an excuse to charge you a lot of money for insurance.

Our specialised area of cover is to help those that are struggling to find low cost insurance after drink driving has been added to their driving record.

There is not always a valid reason for increasing insurance for convicted drink drivers as many of them have a perfect driving history and it was a one-of mistake. Many people find this area of the law confusing, or think that they have to accept

huge fees for insurance from the date of the conviction onwards. This does not have to be the case.

Often the shock of the incident is enough to ensure it never happens again. You have to deal with the penalties outside of your everyday activities as points are added to your license and a fine is sometimes issued as well.

We believe that overcharging you on your car insurance from thereon after is often a step too far.

If you have a DR10 conviction and have had trouble getting cheap drink driver insurance, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We speak to people with previous drink driving convictions (DR10) all the time and know that often the context of an incident is overlooked. Everyone’s circumstances are quite different but no matter what we never judge you. Instead, our friendly team of experts will work hard to find you the best deal so that your worries about costs are alleviated.

We are strong believers that after you have paid the penalties following the incident you should be given a fresh start. We want to listen to you and help you find car insurance after drink driving.

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