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PeachCare for Kids® is a comprehensive health care program for uninsured children living in Georgia. The health benefits include primary, preventive, specialist, dental care and vision care. PeachCare for Kids also covers hospitalization, emergency room services, prescription medications and mental health care. Each child in the program has a Georgia Families Care Management Organization (CMO) who is responsible for coordinating the child's care.

The State of Georgia and PeachCare for Kids® has some exciting news. As of February 6, 2017 we have  transitioned to our new eligibility system called Georgia Gateway. Here is some important information to know about this change.

What is the Georgia Gateway Customer Portal? 

The Georgia Gateway Customer Portal is a website that allows individuals and community based organizations to screen, apply for, and renew a broad range of public service benefits administered by various State agencies in Georgia. The Customer Portal will replace the existing online site,, as the new self-service web portal where new and existing customers can apply for, manage, and renew their benefits for up to six programs. In addition to being able to request benefits, customers with a Customer Portal account can also check the status of their application once submitted, view details about their benefits, and report changes. The new Georgia

Gateway system does not change existing eligibility requirements, and all of your current information will seamlessly be brought over into the new system.

What do I need to do if I have a PeachCare for Kids® account?

If you currently have a PeachCare for Kids® account, after February 6, 2017, you will want to log into the new Customer Portal to create a new online account. Once you have created an online account, you will be able to link your current PeachCare for Kids® account to access information and manage your account.  If you currently have a COMPASS account, you will be able to use your same login information on the new Georgia Gateway site. 

The PeachCare for Kids logo and name is trademarked by the Georgia Department of Community Health. Authorized use of the PeachCare for Kids name or logo is not permitted without written consent from the Georgia Department of Community Health.

To order informational brochures about the PeachCare for Kids program, please call 404-656-0368 or e-mail

More information can be found at PeachCare for Kids Frequently Asked Questions

Want more general information on children's health insurance programs? Visit the Federal Agency for Medicaid & Children's Health Insurance Program website.

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