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Having no insurance whilst driving, is foolhardy and irresponsible as car insurance is a legal requirement, and accidents can easily occur.

Always make sure you have car insurance on the car you are driving.

If the police catch you driving without insurance, you could be subject to the following penalties.

    ►  £5000 penalty fine.

    ►  6 points on your license.

    ►  Fixed £200 fine.

    ►  Disqualification from driving.

All penalties are easily avoidable if you take out the appropriate vehicle insurance. We offer short term insurance on both vans and cars for 1-28 days. You can get an instant quote and cover that can be put into place immediately.

Sometimes it is necessary to borrow a friend or relative's car or lend them your car, it can be a lot cheaper than hiring a car for a day or two.

Maybe you need to move some belongings or people and need more space to do so.

Cover4insurance have arranged, in partnership with, a short term car insurance product that is available for any vehicle worth between £1,000 and £40,000 which is roadworthy.

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Types of short term car insurance

   ►  Daily Car Insurance

– for Your Own Vehicle

   ►  Daily Car Insurance – for Vehicles You Don’t Own

   ►  1 Day Insurance – A Day’s Comprehensive Cover for Short Term Protection

   ►  One Day Car Insurance – Comprehensive Cover for the day

   ►  Pay As You Go Insurance

   ►  Immediate Temporary Car Insurance

   ►  Temporary Car Insurance For People Under 21 Years Of Age

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Perils of drivng with no car insurance

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Temporary van insurance

Temporary van insurance can be arranged for most drivers with a valid UK drivers licence.

Whether it's taking your children to university with their belongings or moving house, borrowing a van from a family member or a friend, is usually easier and considerably cheaper than hiring one.

We can cover any sort of van from small Astra Vans to Ford Transits and larger, so long as you are qualified to drive it, we can supply the short term vaninsurance for you.

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If you think temporary car insurance is not suitable for your situation, we have a range of car insurances available for the young drivers/university student drivers/learner drivers:


for more information & online quotes.

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