Short Term Car Insurance for Learner Drivers

  • A whole new flexible approach to helping you pass your driving test

  • Comprehensive, third party fire & theft or third party only cover available
  • You don't need to own the vehicle
  • Pro rata refund of premium should you pass your driving test
  • Discounts available for purchasing 90 days or more

Looking for Insurance So You Can Learn to Drive?

So you're taking some lessons with a professional driving instructor but the real empowerment comes when you get to go behind the wheel without the dual controls. Whether it's yours, your parents or even your grandparent's car, you are going to need what we call short term car insurance for learner drivers.

Acorn Lead the Way With Learner Drivers

We don't really mind who's vehicle it is, providing obviously that you have their permission to use the vehicle and the value of the vehicle does not exceed £15,000. The insurance category for the vehicle must not pass category 35 (ABI List 1-50) as this is simply deemed as too high a risk.

It doesn't matter who's car it is, if you are lucky enough to have already purchased your own vehicle well that's great but for a lot of people and especially young learner drivers it will be probably only be family vehicles they have access to. Adding a son or daughter to a standard motor insurance can be extremely expensive so why do this when you can simply purchase this as an additional policy to insure the car when the learner driver is driving.

Our short term car insurance for learner drivers' product covers you for 30 days but we also offer a discount for those of you who require longer periods for example should you purchase 6 periods of policies in one we will reduce the total payable by 15%. If you pass your driving test before this term has finished we will refund the premium not used.

Whatever your proficiency (or otherwise), our cover is flexible,

allowing you as little or as much time cover as you like, and for as long as it takes you to pass your test.

No matter how long it takes for you to pass the all important test, you can rest assured it will take only a few moments of your time to call us and extend your policy should you need to. At a cost from as little as £2.50 per day we're confident that you will not find cheaper, like for like cover elsewhere.

How Can You Ensure That Your Premiums are Kept as Low as Possible?

  • The Vehicle - if possible, try and do your learning in a car that has a low insurance risk. If you try and get insured on Dads Porsche to learn to drive in, you are going to pay the price.
  • Learn with someone who is a little older and get put on their insurance. Providing that they have a nice, clean driving record, this will bode well for your premiums.

Does the Person That I'm Learning with Privately, Have to be Insured by Acorn?

No, we offer standalone short term car insurance for learner drivers. The person you are learning with simply has to be 30 or over and have held (and still holds) a valid licence in the vehicle category in which you wish to learn for 3 years.

Get a Quote for Short Term Car Insurance for Learner Drivers Today!

We are in this line of business because we offer what people need at a price they like! Call us now on 01704 270 027 and our representatives will take you calmly and efficiently through to a quote whilst explaining your options along the way.

If you're more inclined to do so then you can do everything electronically but just bare in mind that due to the nature of short term car insurance for learner drivers, we may need to give you a call for a bit of clarification.

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