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Civil Suit Defense Up To $1,000,000

When the criminal you protected your family from sues you in civil court, you'll receive civil suit defense funding that will help insulate you from and defend against a lawsuit that threatens all you've ever worked for.


Civil Suit Damages Up To $1,000,000

Even if you win your civil court battle, a judge could levy a damages judgement against you that could be hundreds of thousands of dollars. Your Self-Defense SHIELD benefit will pay for this.


Firearm Theft Protection Up To $1,000,000

You'll be legally and financially protected if your firearm is reported stolen and used in a crime.


Immediate Criminal Defense Attorney Retainer Up To $125,000

You'll receive this "no-questions-asked" instant criminal defense attorney retainer to help get your criminal defense immediately underway. No "grant committees" or "request processes" are involved with this powerful benefit.


Criminal Defense Protection Up To $125,000

You'll receive criminal defense protection that’ll allow you to confidently mount the best criminal defense money can buy when you’re charged with a crime.


Immediate Bail Bond Funding Up To $10,000

If you're being held in jail, this benefit will provide immediate cash to get you out of jail and back with your family where you can mount an effective defense.


Interrogation & Grand Jury Protection Up To $125,000

Even before charges are filed, you will be questioned by police and may have to face a Grand Jury. We'll provide you with the funds you need to have the absolute best pro-2nd Amendment attorney representation that money can buy to make sure that your rights are protected and your case is properly presented.


Critical Response Team

You’ll have access to a specially trained team if you’re ever forced to defend yourself with your gun. First call 9-1-1, then call us. Our team is available to you any time, day or night. They’ll put the wheels into motion for you to get your attorney retainer paid and your bail posted...and will provide any help you may need along the way.


Wage Compensation While In Court Up To $500/day

You'll be compensated for every day you must spend defending yourself in civil court.


USCCA Legal Advisory Board

The new USCCA Legal Advisory Board gives you absolute peace of mind knowing that your defense attorney will have complete access to the nation's leading experts in self-defense, firearms, and concealed carry case law.


Expert Witness Coordination

Your USCCA membership includes access to some of the greatest minds in personal defense and Second Amendment advocacy. Should you face charges, we'll provide and pay for expert witnesses to testify on your behalf.


Complete Psychological Support

Being involved in a self-defense incident will not only affect you legally and financially, it will leave a lasting psychological impact, as well. Your Critical Response Team will coordinate and pay for any post-shooting counseling to help you and your family find peace and get back to your daily routine.


Concealed Carry Magazine

You'll join over 200,000 Responsibly Armed Americans who read every issue ofConcealed Carry Magazinefrom cover to cover. Each issue contains over 100 pages of real-world self-defense and concealed carry information and will be delivered straight to your door. You'll also have instant online access to over 12 years of back issues!


All Weapons Covered

Your Self-Defense SHIELD protection covers every weapon of opportunity. You shouldn't have to think

twice about protecting your family, whether it be with a firearm, knife, or even your own two hands.


Up-Front, No Out-Of-Pocket Coverage

If you're involved in a self-defense incident your Critical Response Team will instantly take any and all financial burdens off of your shoulders. No deductible, no reimbursement, no out-of-pocket costs to your family.


Family Covered In Your Home

Your USCCA membership protects your spouse, any relatives, and anyone under the age of 21 in your care, inside your home, and on your residential property. However, if your spouse carries regularly, they NEED their own membership to ensure they’re completely covered by the powerful protection of the Self-Defense SHIELD. You can add them to your membership at any time for a significant discount.


Local Attorney Referral & Coordination

An attorney from USCCA Law, LLC will connect you with local, legal representation within 24 hours to ensure your case gets the proper attention and your rights as a responsibly armed citizen remain intact.


Freedom To Choose Your Own Attorney

Your lawyer will be defending you in court, and potentially fighting for your freedom. It’s important to us that you’re working with someone you feel comfortable with. We’ll certainly help you find a reputable, pro-Second Amendment attorney near you, but at the end of the day, choosing your criminal defense attorney is 100% YOUR decision!


Advocacy From USCCA Law, LLC

Our legal team will immediately connect you with a USCCA Law attorney in your area. Our growing network includes pro-Second Amendment attorneys in all 50 states.


Education & Training

You'll get the most reliable, up-to-date, gun-related resources from our website, with unlimited "members-only" access to an extensive video library and to hundreds of articles, reviews, and real-life stories. As a member, you’ll also be first in line to claim all newly released USCCA training materials and get free entry into the Annual USCCA Expo.


Backed By An American Insurer

The USCCA Self-Defense SHIELD is the only firearms and self-defense liability benefit that is backed and underwritten by an insurance company based in the United States of America. I know, I know…that’s kind of hard to believe, but it’s 100% true. Most other companies out there offering “legal protection” are simply groups of lawyers selling pre-paid legal services. There’s no deep pockets backing them up. And the only other company that offers self-defense liability insurance is underwritten by an insurer in London, England! How can a company from a nation that doesn’t even allow its citizens to own guns possibly understand the importance of this protection enough to provide it?


100% Money-Back Bulletproof Guarantee

Every USCCA purchase you make comes with our 365-Day 100% Money-Back Bulletproof Guarantee. If for any reason you decide that you want a refund, all you have to do is call us at 877-677-1919, and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked. It’s is simple as that.


American Customer Service

If you have questions about your membership or Second Amendment rights, our highly trained, Wisconsin-based Member Services team is readily available to happily and efficiently help you out.


Bonuses, Free Stuff & Chances To WIN

Some people don’t understand why we stack our membership with free bonus packages or chances to win guns. Well, it’s simple: we want to give you everything you need to feel confident protecting the ones you love. It’s our mission to train and equip as many responsibly armed Americans as possible, and save lives in the process.

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